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Care for your gear
When it comes to choosing rainwear for your site staff first think about what they actually need from rainwear, how much time they spend outside and how hard wearing they...

Looking After Your Safety Boots

Care for your gear

We show you how to care for your safety boots and shoes to prolong their life and advise how often you should replace this important part of your safety kit. 

Care for your High Vis Gear

Care for your gear

 Ensuring then, that your reflective gear is in the best possible condition is a good, and indeed a necessary idea!

One way of doing this is to keep it clean. This seems fairly straightforward, but there is more to it than just throwing everything into the trusty top-loader and pressing ‘start’.

Make sure you are wearing the right Glove

Care for your gear

Gloves can be so under valued as an item of safety clothing. Wearing the right glove for the job can protect and care for your hands more than you think. Find out what is the right glove to wear and when.