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Introducing The Milford Jacket – The Ultimate In Waterproof

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Winter is coming and if you are working outdoors you need real waterproof workwear, that is why Leedsafe has come up with the new Robuck Milford Jacket that will keep you dry even in the harshest New Zealand weather.

Sustainability Report 2020


Leadership on social and environmental issues remain central to our Leedsafe brand, our promise to customers and our wider community. Read on to learn more about our sustainability highlights from the last year.

AS/NZ Standards - What Do They Mean For Our Customers?


As a safety company, we know the standards and the needs of our customers and we take it seriously to ensure we meet all applicable standards.

Zero Back Orders: Another Great Standard From Leedsafe

We know that PPE is important and incomplete orders are not only inconvenient – they can have a serious impact on work sites, preventing people from doing their jobs.

Embroidery On Workwear


We recognise the importance of your brand so when we are trusted with providing embroidered workwear – we treat your logo with respect and make sure you have a quality finish.

Fleeces Donated To Social Enterprises Around New Zealand


When Leedsafe were delivered some stock that wasn’t quite up to scratch, they knew they wouldn’t sell it. As a safety and workwear company, Leedsafe pride themselves on supplying quality at affordable prices. However, this particular consignment of over 1000 polar fleeces wasn’t up to standards.

How COVID-19 Is Affecting Glove Supplies


In a year like this with a global pandemic, there have been some new challenges beyond our control. One of which is the fluctuation in PPE supply and demand, particularly in the glove department.

The Making Of A Boot: The Ruapehu Boot

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The new Ruapehu work boot offers great quality at a good price – that’s a given with Leedsafe.


Gloves: Cut Tests and Ratings

We know how important cut-resistant gloves are for many of our customers and their employees.

The Right Gloves for the Job

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Our Robuck glove range gives our customers plenty of options, but here are the key things to think about to get the right ones for the job.