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Case Study - Leedsafe's SmartPACKTM


Ports of Auckland Ltd is New Zealand’s biggest import port and the largest and most efficient container port, handling nearly 1 million containers a year. It is also a vital tourism hub and as New Zealand’s premier cruise port it handles around 100 cruise ships annually.


Marine & Cruise Operations Co-ordinator, Kyle Robertson, has an exceptionally busy role and as well as ordering personal protective equipment (PPE) for staff on an as needed basis, he is also responsible for the annual ordering and distribution of uniform to 65 staff, from linesmen to tug operators. Each staff member receives several standard pieces such as shirts, pants and jerseys all embroidered with Ports of Auckland’s logo, once a year.

Kyle is well aware of the difficulties of ordering uniform for so many staff. Getting the size of each staff member, ensuring each order was correctly put through and then having to open up one big box of shirts and make sure the right sizes were distributed to the right staff was a process that used to be very time consuming for his predecessor. “Just things like getting pant sizes for 65 people and then having to give them out individually, chatting to my predecessor she tells me it was really difficult. It used to take a week, sometimes a week and a half,” says Kyle. And, inevitably, someone would take an item they hadn’t ordered or a size they hadn’t ordered, creating more administrative work.

When Kyle mentioned this challenge to Leedsafe, Sales Manager Clayton Suckling, he immediately suggested trying the SmartPACKTM system.


SmartPACKTM is a system unique to Leedsafe that packages and delivers large orders for staff uniforms and PPE in named, individual packages for each staff member, making huge savings on time and administration costs.

For Kyle this means the annual uniform order now takes up very little time, there is no need for sorting deliveries, handing out uniform items and ticking off what has been given out.

Instead it’s a smooth, efficient process. Kyle gives out an individual order form to each staff member, they complete them with the items required and the size and return them to him.

Those named orders are sent to Leedsafe, where they are put together in named packages containing all the parts of uniform for that particular individual in the sizes they ordered. When they arrive at the port depot, all Kyle has to do is pick them up, take them to the distribution point and let the staff know that their packages are there ready to pick up.

"SmartPACKTM has been great. It’s just so easy. I would recommend it 100%. It makes uniform ordering so much easier and so stress free."
Kyle Robertson - Ports of Auckland Ltd