Choosing the best work boots for your staff isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Unlike other pairs of shoes, work boots need to be both functional and protective while on the job. Choosing proper work boots involves considering safety, comfort, support, and durability. And for female staff, the right shoes can be even harder to find. 

The rise of women in the trade industry

The number of women in the trade industry is increasing and so is the need workwear designed for women. 

Smaller men’s clothing can work for outer garments like rain jackets; but when it comes to safety shoes, they need to be designed for the female foot shape. Work boots that don’t fit quite right are uncomfortable, can restrict movement and generally make the working day harder than it should be.

To decrease the effects of discomfort and fatigue that comes from working in the wrong boots all day you need to equip your female team with the best work boots for their job.

How female boots are different

The real differences in women’s work boots come down to the design of the boot. Women tend to have narrower feet with higher arches compared to men which change the design and fit of the shoe.

Everyone’s feet and comfort levels are different, meaning there isn’t one answer across the board when it comes to comfort. But buying work boots specifically designed for women’s feet for your female workers will contribute to a comfier fit for them.

The winning range of work boots for women

When it comes to choosing the right work boots for your female workers, we recommend the Blundstone range.  

Women's Safety Shoes

These shoes are specifically designed for women's feet and are a narrower fit compared to unisex shoes. They also have a shorter ankle length and a smaller instep. Overall this means they fit better and are more comfortable for women to wear, particularly if your girls are on their feet all day. 

Blundstone is a maker of work and safety boots from Tasmania. Their female’s shoes are made by women, tested by women and worn by women; so buying shoes from them for your female workers is a sure-fire way to keep your staff safe and comfortable all day long.

They’ve designed their shoes to withstand tough environments and are perfect for New Zealand conditions. Their range of women’s safety shoes will keep your workers safe and comfortable all day long.

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$286.95 excl. GST

  • Specific fit for women with a new look design
  • Padded collar and tongue for added comfort
  • Impact resistant steel toe cap
  • Slip resistance - oil, acid and fat

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If you have questions about what Blundstone shoes are right for your female workers, feel free to get in touch with us.

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