Figures* show that 50% of workplace falls are from less than three metres of height and 70% of falls are from ladders and roofs. So, whether your staff are working on elevated platforms or rooftops – it’s essential to keep them safe by assessing the height risks and ensuring they have the correct equipment for the situation.

There are some basic things to consider from the outset. These include things like whether your staff will be better served by a fall restraint system that allows people to do the work they need to do at height – but stops them from reaching a point where they could fall.  Or a fall arrest system which allows greater freedom of movement but in doing so allows workers to reach a point where falling is possible. The arrest system halts that fall – so they can then either be rescued or rescue themselves.

At Leedsafe the equipment we sell keeps people safe at work – and that’s a responsibility we take very seriously. So our range of height safety equipment is simply some of the best from our trusted and expert, NZ supplier.

The range includes everything from full-body harnesses to carabiners, winches and full clearance rescue kits to allow casualties to be lifted over an edge or handrail. And all our equipment complies with AS/NZS 1891.1:2007 – the Australia and New Zealand standards for industrial fall arrest systems and devices.

Pinnacle Zertec Helmet   Zero Lanyard with Snap & Scaffold Hook

Elasticated Lanyard Hand Tool 40508   Full Body Harness Z-30

Want to find out more about height safety equipment for your business? Call Leedsafe and we can talk you through the most appropriate options for you.

*Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment